Don’t Blame it on the Bat: Blame it on Big Business

It was déjà-vu all over again as I read the story of what happened in Wuhan. What was it that it reminded me of? The writer, David Crowe, was trying to be fair by sticking to the facts – but, as the official version (that he was questioning) emerged, I couldn’t help feeling that it was familiar:

I know this 7-point story. I’ve read this before.

  1. Mysterious illness suddenly strikes down cluster groups of otherwise healthy people.
  2. Mystery cause of mysterious illness linked with exotic practices in exotic country.
  3. Exotic animals involved.
  4. Lone doctor single-handedly fighting mystery illness appeals for help.
  5. The powers-that-be do not respond.
  6. People get sick and die. Public outcry.
  7. Big Pharma moves in and cleans up.

I know, I know. I missed out all the candles and rainbows. And all the extraordinary things that ordinary people now have to do (with things Big Pharma sells us) to keep ourselves safe from this exotic disease. Because now it’s not just about Them, those exotic people, doing weird things with weird animals, far away in Strangerland. No. It’s not even about Weird People right here, doing weird things with animals or even with each other. It’s now about Us. Because They have (somehow) infected Us. Us normal people, right here in Normality.

I also missed out the next three points:

  1. Lots of people get tested.
  2. Lots of people get treated.
  3. Lots of people die.

And the clincher:

  1. After a HUGE fight over the patent (although that can also happen over the test) a vaccine is announced.
  2. Big Pharma cleans up even more.
  3. Lots of people take the vaccine. And boosters. (Cos there’s a booster.)
  4. Everyone calms down.
  5. About a decade later, lots of people start dying – of officially unrelated conditions.
  6. Quietly, some of these are settled in court.
  7. A book comes out. (No-one believes an anti-vaxxer.)

Okay I’ve bored you enough. (And, yes, I was talking about AIDS. And, no, I’m not an anti-vaxxer, in general.) Here’s why that story isn’t true:

The Wuhan Institute of Virology has been investigating the possibility of lethal coronavirus transmission from bats to humans for years. “Continued surveillance” is counselled by a paper they published in March 2016. The US National Institutes of Health (indirectly) funded this research and published others similar with funding from USAID. The UN Food and Agriculture Organisation produced a whole manual (with a picture of poor bats not looking too happy about getting tested, on the front) about bad Batflu in 2011.

The Eco Health Alliance (which does sound lovely, and green) is an  American NGO, officially, which in 2018 had this to say about “Disease X: The Next Pandemic”:

“Miles from the nearest city, deep in the dark recesses of a cave in Guangdong Province, it waits. Perhaps it silently stalks from high in the canopies of trees nestled along the Kinabatangan River. Or it lies dormant in one of the thousands of species native to the Amazon. Disease X.

This is not science fiction, it’s real.

Disease X is the mysterious name given to the very serious threat that unknown viruses pose to human health. Disease X is on a short list of pathogens deemed a top priority for research by the World Health Organization, alongside known killers like SARS and Ebola.

Each year the WHO updates the list with guidance from experts in all fields of scientific study of which pathogens pose the most threat of causing the next global pandemic. While we’ve seen the impact most of these can have–there have been major pandemics of SARS, Ebola, and Zika in the past 15 years alone–we have no idea what Disease X can do, because we don’t know what Disease X is.”

Right. But we can find out, apparently, for a price:

“According to a paper published in Science by many of the Global Virome Project’s architects–including EcoHealth Alliance President Dr. Peter Daszak–in just 10 years we could discover 71 percent of those undiscovered viruses. The estimated cost for this is just $1.2 billion dollars. When compared to the $30-$50 billion price tag of the 2002-2003 SARS pandemic (itself an undiscovered virus at the time of its outbreak), it seems almost like a no brainer.”

It really does, doesn’t it? Just $1.2 billion dollars.

Interestingly the same name comes up on the NIH Research website (RePORT) as that NGO was their intermediary, via their Fogarty International Centre in Bethesda, Maryland, with the Wuhan Institute of Virology (see 2016 March, as mentioned above). It does seem a very well-funded and well-connected NGO.

Meanwhile, published in March this year, was the heartwarming story of how, out of pure goodness, Big Pharma and Big Business came together to produce this preparedness plan:

“WHO has listed several priority diseases with epidemic potential for which there are no, or insufficient, medical countermeasures. In response, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (with support from PricewaterhouseCoopers) coordinated subject matter experts to create a preparedness plan for Disease X.”

How kind! And the focus there is on the iTPP:

“We suggest that the first step after the identification of Disease X is the development of a global intervention target product profile.”

Now, just in case we imagine that the authors in any way, shape or form are suggesting that capitalists capitalise on a global disaster (of their own fabrication or not) here is their totally reassuring distancing from any influence whatsoever from their respective…employers:

“Declaration of interests

SS and AC are employees of the Gates Foundation at the time of writing; however, this Personal View does not necessarily represent the views of the Gates Foundation. MCK and VVG are employees of PricewaterhouseCoopers at the time of writing; however, this Personal View does not necessarily represent the views of PricewaterhouseCoopers. We declare no competing interests.”

The authors also kindly thank their expert (etc.) advisors:


We thank the subject matter experts and members of the Disease X Working Group who gave their time and extensive experience towards this endeavour (listed in appendix).”

A surprising number of whom are also their work colleagues. Who gave their time. Nice.

In previous blogposts, I’ve referenced experts in medicine and epidemiology who disagree with the diagnosis or prognosis of “Covid-19”. I have also noted its apparent early absence in Africa – and as it is unsurprising to me now that the comparatively low effect is manifesting in the richer countries and regions – where people are being tested and “treated”, fatally.

Because this 7-point story isn’t true. It wasn’t true in the 1980s and it’s not true now. What hasn’t changed is the willingness of people not to open their eyes to the basic raison d’être of the pharmaceutical industry: profit. Not people.

Wuhan, a polluted city with lots of people with shadows in their lungs and respiratory problems, was an opportunity for Batflu researchers, Disease X (non)government funders and Big Pharma powerbrokers to forward and fund their careers – and achieve both fame, fortune and thanks for it.

The signs, symptoms, tests and treatment of this flu, which is just a flu, are all non-specific. The RT-PCR test doesn’t confirm the diagnosis because it doesn’t work that way. Researchers may have indicated all this but the funders and powerbrokers went full steam ahead. Meanwhile the health authorities and governments have reacted to the public outcry, informed only by mainstream and social media – most simply repeating each other without bothering to check their facts.

And people die. And will die. The frail can’t take chemo and intubation. It’s the “treatment” that’s killing people. That’s why so many health workers are dying. Because they’re being prioritised. That’s why even the fit and strong die in ICUs.

  • If you want to live, don’t get tested, stay away from medics, trained or untrained, and stay out of hospital.
  • If you want to save lives, and end the lockdown, read these links, think about all that is said, think some more, open your mind to the possibility that drug pushers, official or not, don’t care about your health.
  • Then decide what is more important to you: to lose face (by admitting how wrong we got this) or to lose more lives – by iatrogenic illness and economic disaster.

Then share this with everyone you know.

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