Welcome to Dystopia

In chapter ten of Mein Kampf, Adolf Hitler wrote that a “Great Lie” is likely to be successful – as the common people, though corruptible, are not actually evil and therefore unable to conceive of deception on such a scale. A variation is to tell the truth but not the whole truth or to state something that is only true when qualified – and fail to qualify it. A Great Lie is recognisable by the insistence of those who tell it on the urgent nature of a certain outcome – even though the supporting narrative, and the supporting facts, change.

In chapter nine of George Orwell’s 1984, an incendiary speaker (receiving a written memo) alters the subject of his sentence of war, and the crowd continues to bay for the blood of their enemies – seemingly unaware that their identity has suddenly, for no apparent reason, changed. On such an occasion, an independent thinker may see clearly the true motive of such oratory: not the stated moral imperative of protecting one’s own people but the political and economic expediency of keeping them in thrall.

In chapter eight of God’s Politics: Why the American Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn’t Get it, Rev Jim Wallis comments on the unchanged objective of the US government before and after the 2001 attack on the Manhattan Twin Towers: “The manipulation of intelligence to support a pre-emptive war with Iraq became one of the worst distortions of fact in modern history” (Wallis/2006/111).

In chapter seven of Inventing the AIDS Virus, Prof. Duesberg details the carrot and stick strategies of the AIDS establishment (led by Dr Anthony Fauci, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases since the year of the announcement of HIV as probable cause of AIDS, 1984) to bring dissenting scientists into line. By blocking funding, banning publication or bribing with lucrative career advancement and prestige, many researchers were led away from their unacceptable views – that drugs and endemic diseases cause the symptoms of this syndrome. Views that may clearly and economically explain the data but don’t sell pills.

In book six (485b-d) of Plato’s Republic, Socrates states that his ideal Ruler must love the truth and hate falsehood. Yet in book five – in context of eugenic arrangements for abortion, euthanasia, infanticide and suicide – Plato’s mentor advises deception of the common people by “an ingenious system” (460a) in drawing lots for the mating festival in order to bring reproduction under State control.

In his fourth video this month on Covid-19(84), independent journalist Spiro Skouras interviews libertarian and former US Representative, Dr Ron Paul, who exposes the State manipulation of the narrative regarding the death rate – and how what is presented as medical fact by independent experts is originating in the pharmaceutical industrial complex as part of an ongoing agenda of biomedical surveillance.

In her third report this month, independent journalist Whitney Webb demonstrates and references the links between the Covid-19 narrative and the long-prepared plans for AI biodata surveillance – in which China is far ahead of the USA. “Data is the new oil”, she warns. And we all know what happens to countries that have oil and aren’t prepared to agree to the terms of the USA.

There are two official sources of information on “deaths related to Covid-19” being used right now in the UK to push the narrative that elderly people are dying in care homes on an unprecedented scale and that this novel virus is the cause of their death. In fact, as the reassuringly fresh-faced David Finch (with a degree in Economics) of The Health Foundation explains, neither of these datasets list this virus as the cause of death. This is odd, given their mission statement:

“Our vision is for a future where everyone’s health and care benefits from analytics and data-driven technology.”

So you would think they would know what they were doing with numbers.

Why this inflation (actually it’s conflation) of the death rate? Because, in research, if the theory doesn’t fit the data, a researcher with integrity will re-examine and re-adjust the theory accordingly; an unscrupulous one will skew the data till it fits.

By falsifying the death rate data to make it appear that masses of elderly people are dying of Covid-19, that demographic can be used to appeal for sympathy and so force opposition to testing and tracking to stand down. Once that gets a foothold in this most vulnerable group – many isolated and confused and who therefore can be basically forced to accept it – it’s easier to roll out to the rest of the population: You visited your Gran this week? Here! You have to wear this tracking bracelet!

Back to the one and only Whitney Webb with this report on how a certain pharmaceuticals company is set to corner the market on a Covid-19 vaccine, despite their track record:

“Pentagon auditors had found that much of the money awarded to BioPort was unaccounted for and the money they were able to trace had failed to go towards renovating their vaccine production facility, which had lost its license until numerous sanitary problems (sanitary and otherwise) were fixed. Meanwhile, scores of soldiers who had suffered ill health effects from BioPort’s anthrax vaccine, some disabled for life, began speaking out, bringing BioPort’s most critical product and chief source of income under unwanted scrutiny.”

The Great Lie of Covid-19 has already succeeded. The groundwork was laid when the HIV-AIDS hypothesis diverted funding from the War on Cancer, in 1984, and when the US government began a series of biotech threat and surveillance simulations in 2001 (see the end of this post and the beginning of this clip on the latest simulation in 2019). The narrative (anthrax or smallpox bioterrorism from Iraq or Afghanistan involving Syria and Jordan; respiratory disease/ coronavirus outbreak in Germany or Venezuela or China) has changed but the outcome is always the same: State control and lucrative private exploitation of biodata in general – and of eugenic reproduction in particular. All from vaccines. All from You-Know-Who.

Welcome to Dystopia. Have a nice day.


Thanks to Kai Stachowiak who has released his image Robot Woman into the Public Domain.