What’s AIDS got to do with it?

You may have seen the video Plandemic, about The Virus, that’s gone viral. I’m not going to post a link as they keep getting censored and reposted. I’m also not going to discuss the claims of the video one by one. ‘Fact checkers’ have done so but, as Spiro Skouras points out, sometimes you need to fact check the fact checkers.

I may not agree with everything claimed in Plandemic, but I’m grateful that someone has joined the dots from the lucrative Covid-19 establishment assumptions to those about HIV. Note that I didn’t say conspiracy. What are those assumptions and whom do they benefit?

Here’s the assumptions:

  1. There is a constant, coherent and distinct set of reported symptoms.
  2. There is convincing evidence that the cause of this set of symptoms is viral.
  3. A determined virus has been isolated and purified – and proved to be the cause.
  4. This virus is not only the necessary but the sufficient cause.
  5. Anyone with antibodies to this virus is in danger and may endanger others.
  6. Anyone without antibodies to this virus is in danger and may endanger others.
  7. The malignancy of the virus can be controlled by anti-virals.
  8. The spread of the virus can be controlled by physical barriers to bodily fluids.
  9. Transmission can be prevented by a vaccine.
  10. Everyone needs to be subject to constant surveillance and to get the vaccine.

Here’s whom they benefit:

Big Pharma. Here’s a cheery account of its origins which does mention the thalidomide scandal but omits entirely the founding firms’ collaboration with the Nazis and opioid addiction. This take is less cheery as it’s basically about murderous profiteering.

None of these assumptions were true for HIV and AIDS.

The claim that there was a cover-up by Big Pharma over AIDS has already been made and verified by the meticulous reporting of John Crewdson of the Chicago Tribune.

The African monkey business origin story of HIV/AIDS has been debunked but Big Pharma is still selling its products and people are still dying of unnecessary and aggressive drugs.

That matters now because the Chinese batsoup origin story of Covid-19 is seriously shaky but the same assumptions are putting you and your loved ones at risk.

I DO NOT BELIEVE that The Virus was manufactured, that it originated in bats or civet cats or pangolins – or that the various symptoms experienced by people in the grip of a worldwide panic (either during cold and wet flu season or when the summer pollen count is high) conform to a constant, coherent and distinct set. I’m an active vegan. I hardly every get sick. But, put me on a ventilator in a morphine-induced coma with HIV chemo drugs dripping into my veins and I’ll most probably die, as 90% do – as even those deep in biotech admit. That’s if other iatrogenic harm from stressed medics doesn’t kill me.

I DO BELIEVE that capitalists are capitalising, as they did with AIDS and that the establishment narrative is useful to those who want even more control and even more profit.

Wake up. Stay out of hospital. Inform yourself. Resist. Peacefully.


Thanks to Mikhail Denishchenko for releasing his image Corona Virus into the Public Domain.


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