Dealing with the Covid Cult

If you’re informed and thinking clearly, you’ll have stopped believing in the Covid Cult – if you ever did. I’m not going to repeat all the reasons why I’m unconvinced as I’ve posted previously about them. I’ve explained the links of this cult to Big Business (mostly Big Pharma and Big BioTech) and, steering clear of wild conspiracy theories, I’ve laid out what I’ve learned from independent journalists Spiro Skouras and Whitney Webb about a larger global agenda hidden in plain sight: citizen surveillance and data harvesting. AKA Dystopia.

Due to the economic disruption of the plandemic, I’ve advised that we Dig for Victory and grow our own food. The state control of our lives extends to controlling our bodies and I’ve linked sex and the shutdown to the various preparedness plans that you can see for yourselves being roleplayed by top global officials since 2001.

I’ve also given gentle helpful advice for those (unconvinced or not) emerging from lockdown – and blogged about how to deprogramme yourself from the blatant propaganda that is everywhere, all the time. For those who have already done that, I’ve shared my thoughts on how to survive an apocalypse.

All that’s fine and dandy – but how do we deal with members of the Covid Cult? Especially when the ones destabilising our lives and perhaps even putting us and our loved ones in danger are members our own family, our close friends and work colleagues. As well as all the other Cult members we encounter in person (at a distance) and online, including officials.

First of all by realising that the acceptance of Covid-19 is a belief system, not a scientific proof or even a rational hypothesis. Core Cult beliefs are not open to discussion, they are accepted as self-evident. Attempting to confront them head-on means you’ll be labelled as Mad, Bad and Dangerous to Know. (Yes, this does sound like a lot of other things and, yes, they mostly all benefit Big Pharma.)

Next you should know that most Covid Cult members couldn’t articulate clearly what they do believe, as the official hypothesis constantly alters to explain away inconsistent data – and even when Cult medical researchers say that they have no idea what’s going on but they know ventilators kill rather than cure, ordinary Cult members are still clamouring for more intubation, more morphine-induced coma, more HIV chemo drugs (yes, you read that right). That’s also the case with the hugely inconsistent data on death rates.

The typical Covid Cult Credo goes something like this:

We believe in one Virus,
Covid, the Almighty,
destroyer of heaven and earth,
of all that is, seen and unseen.

We believe in [insert names of Head of State/ PM/ FM],
who rule us by Divine Right
God from God, Light from Light,
Always right (in the end and better than our neighbours’).

They will be elected again in glory to judge the living and the dead,
and their kingdom will have no end.

We believe in the Mainstream Media, the Lords, the givers of life,
who proceed from the Rulers and the Scientists.
With the Doctors and Nurses they are worshiped and glorified.
They are the Prophets.
We believe in one holy sterile and antisocial Cult.
We acknowledge any vaccine [at all] for the prevention of sins.
We look for the quick disposal of the dead,
and the unlife of the Brave New World to come. Amen.

I mean no disrespect to Christians. I’m one. But here’s the difference between Cult members and most religious people:

Rational religious people don’t report non-believers to the police or attempt to have them sectioned under the Mental Health Act. (I’m not making this up!)

Cult members do not respect your right to think for yourself, do not admit any discussion of their beliefs, resist any contrary proof or inconsistency – and respect no boundary at all. With mandatory contact tracing and the ability of the state (even without 5G) to see through walls, that kind of fanaticism eradicates citizen privacy entirely.

So how do we deal with members of the Covid Cult in a way that doesn’t put us or our loved ones at risk?

  • Be firm but gentle – many of these people genuinely feel they’re doing the right thing.
  • Inform yourself about your legal rights.
  • If they display any signs of rationality, ask them to state what it is they believe about the virus – then ask how they square the inconsistencies.
  • If they repeat mantras like “better safe than sorry”, ask them how that squares with prioritising an unproved hypothesis over the certain harms of lockdown and aggressive, invasive and unnecessary medical procedures – not to mention the dangers of untested vaccines from companies under no legal liability to adhere to safety standards or quality control.
  • Finally ask them how they would feel if everyone was forced by law to snitch on their neighbours if they weren’t following a particular religion.
  • Take this wise advice by @WillowWyse on Twitter:

“Vet your contacts if you don’t want abuse of your data by the NHS. Socially shun contacts who won’t respect your privacy. They can tell you if they are diagnosed and you can do the right thing without govt agencies flogging your data right? Block the NHS number 0300 013 5000”

Remember that you don’t have to agree with every aspect of the politics of others who are resisting the Cult. I doubt very much that this writer and I agree on much but his website is a useful placeholder for resistance.

Apart from all that (which can be exhausting) contact and meet up regularly with others who have freed their minds from the influence of this destructive Cult.

And, whatever your own faith or philosophy, try to spend some time each day in prayer or mediation or contemplation of the benevolent principles that inform your core values.

This too will, eventually, pass. The Covid Cult is built on nothing but fear. So oppose it with hope, compassion, sanity and cheerfulness.


Thanks to Alex Borland for releasing the image Red Hypnotic Background into the Public Domain.