My unofficial translation of two penultimate sections of “Plandemia en España: Crónica del virus del miedo” by #StopConfinamientoEspaña [StopLockdownSpain]. Previous parts HERE.


Below we attach a fragment of the communiqué of the General Council of Official Medical Associations – the Collegiate Medical Organization [OMC] of Spain:[1]

Given the declaration of the state of emergency for the management of the health crisis caused by Covid-19, and following the guidelines of the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Justice, in relation to the Death Certifications of deceased by natural causes, and especially in cases with Covid-19 or suspected Covid-19 infection, and according to the definitions proposed by the WHO, the National Vocalía de Public Administrations of the General Council of Official Medical Colleges (CGCOM) states the procedure to follow on Death Certificates:

– The judicial intervention of the Forensic Doctor will be thereupon be limited to cases of violent death or in which there is a clear suspicion of criminality.

– For the issuance of the corresponding death certificates, in the cases of probable infection with COVID-19 in the community environment without analytical confirmation, after consulting, if possible, the medical history of the deceased, especially with attention to the described symptomatology of the infection, proceed to certify the following way:

  • Initial or Fundamental Cause of Death: COVID-19 NOT CONFIRMED or


– In cases of COVID-19 confirmed by laboratory test, the Main Cause must be identified as follows: COVID-19 CONFIRMED. For the rest of the certification, proceed as in the previous section.

Three conclusions can be drawn from here:

1st The Spanish medical community has not carried out autopsies on the deceased with COVID-19 either for reasons of public health research or clarification of doubtful deaths.

2nd At the mere suspicion of the doctor, in the absence of means of confirmation, in the death certificate the fundamental cause of death will be COVID-19.

3rd Anyone who died with a positive diagnostic test, regardless of the cause of death will appear on their confirmed COVID-19 death certificate. Deceased under the second and third criteria make up the official list of deceased by coronavirus. Does the government have accurate information on how many people have died by COVID-19 in Spain? Was there an intention to increase the death toll continue to spread the virus of fear?


The StopConfinamientoEspaña [Stop Lockdown Spain] team was studying the MoMo mortality charts (Daily Mortality Monitoring) but, given the continuous playing with figures,[2] the alleged appearance of 12,000 deaths that were not computed and the scarce credibility in official statistical agencies right now,[3] we are not going to make a detailed analysis of mortality community by community. Either way, using the data provided with reservations, the following conclusions may be extracted:

1) Population density has not been a determining factor. Madrid and Catalonia they have one of the highest, Castilla León and Castilla la Mancha, one of the lowest. All 4 have a much higher mortality than expected.

2) The Balearic and Canary Islands, with great air traffic due to tourism, have barely had any deceased. Madrid and Barcelona, ​​communications hub, yes they have had them. Castilla León and La Mancha do not have relevant airports or transit points, however, they have also suffered high mortality.

3) The lockdown rules have been exactly the same for all C.C.A.A. [autonomous communities] of the peninsula, islands and autonomous cities. If confinement saved lives, it should have saved them uniformly across the country.

4) To highlight the cases of Ceuta and Melilla, lockdown with 4 and 2 deceased with COVID-19.

5) There are autonomous communities where there has been no increase in above average mortality.[4]

The deaths have been concentrated, precisely, in the more confined and vulnerable population segment: residents in senior centers. If the virus knows no borders why is it that the elderly population confined to their homes has not dies in their thousands, even going out to shop, to the bank or to the pharmacy? With hospitals collapsed the elderly in the care homes would not have had any opportunity either. This false pandemic has been sold as a biblical plague, but it has not been a plague nor has it biblical proportions.

[1] OMC communiqué:



[4] Ceuta, Melilla, Galicia, Asturias, Balearic Isles, Canaries, Murcia and Cantabria.