4 Myths About Masks

MYTH 1 – Wearing a mask stops me getting the virus

Wrong. You’ve already got ‘the virus’ (the multifarious Coronavirus has been acknowledged as a cause of the common cold) because it’s everywhere. The best defence against illness and disease is:

  1. Good nutrition (vegan balanced diet/wholefoods)
  2. Exercise (unmasked and outdoors, so you also get Vitamin D)
  3. A positive outlook (because the psychosomatic relationship is only slowly being recognised by Western allopathic medicine)

MYTH 2 – Wearing a mask stops others getting the virus

Wrong. They’ve already got ‘the virus’ (see above).

MYTH 3 – Wearing a mask is hygienic

Wrong. Many masks are already filthy and, although they have no effect on viruses, they’re breeding grounds for bacteria which spread because you keep touching it and adjusting it and touching everything else.

MYTH 4 – Wearing a mask is healthy

Wrong. Common sense will tell you that masks limit the inhalation of oxygen and the exhalation of carbon dioxide. This is a finding in many studies (as well as high rates of infection with cloth masks) but you have to read them carefully to see it as it’s so counter-narrative that either it’s not published or immediately explained away using multiple qualifications. Don’t be fooled by arguments about the comparative size of molecule/ mask fabric gaps: a knitted cardigan only keeps you warm because it traps air. Are you seriously saying it can’t do that because a molecule is smaller than the diameter of a knitting needle?

Summing up:

Wearing a mask does NOT protect you or others from ‘the virus’.

Wearing a mask is unhygienic and unhealthy.


(And, if you want to stop following orders, resist the creeping Nazification of the world, and find out what’s really going on – and what the final aim is – watch THIS)

It’s a masked world

(Thanks to Mikhail Denishchenko for releasing his image Corona Virus into the Public Domain.)