Save Lives in the Dead of Winter

By the time you read this, it may be too late. I’ve been off Twitter for Advent, focusing on more positive things than this incremental international nightmare of state tyranny, crony capitalism and medical harm.

But, according to the BBC three days ago, today, Monday 14th December 2020, in the UK is the day they come for the old people in care homes. I need to break my silence.

That BBC report by Philippa Roxby has a photo of Margaret Keenan captioned “Margaret Keenan, aged 90, was vaccinated at University Hospital, Coventry on Tuesday morning”; the photo shows a lady with red hair (looking very fresh for 90 and who apparently retired from work at the age of 86) and a nurse, named by Gemma Mitchell in the Nursing Times as “May Parsons”, wearing a dark blue uniform striped broadly in white around the sleeves and narrowly striped vertically in light blue, administering an injection.

An independent YouTube report by Channels Apart, called “WAS DAY 1 OF GIVING OUT THE COVID 19 VACCINE JUST A STUNT? IS IT ALL FAKE? ARE THE PEOPLE ACTORS?” The points raised may perhaps be explained: light blue stripes may disappear depending on lighting; the varying reported years of NHS service (24 or 17 or 4) may be reporters either failing to check facts or conflating qualified UK nursing with training or prior service abroad – the only UK nurse named “May Parsons” is one “May Richell C Parsons” whose UK registration as a fully qualified nurse is dated 24/05/2004. Search the Register yourself to corroborate this. The lack of an electoral register entry for this person can be explained if she is ex-directory.

The YouTube journalist shows a similar photo, same fresh-faced older lady, and a nurse with a blue uniform with the same white broad sleeve stripes but no light blue vertical narrow stripes. This second version of the administering nurse can be seen in this 8th December ITV YouTube video entitled “Meet Margaret Keenan the UK’s first Covid-19 vaccine patient” – where it first appeared to me that the different shade of the narrow stripes might be only sometimes obvious, depending on the light. I’m not familiar with Forensically, the online tool that this journalist uses to analyse this difference but she finds no evidence of the narrow stripes in this photo or on any uniform of that hospital. Channels Apart also draws our attention to the nurse’s very odd lack of PPE and her unconventional (wrong) administration procedure – as well as to the peculiarities of this person turning up in “3 different pictures on different days” (from the video description) for Covid photo-ops, and her supposedly 90 yr-old patient not only wearing a different mask in two the photo and the video of her exiting the hospital but also walking in one and being wheeled out in the other. This independent journalist says it looks as if “they did a couple of takes”.

It does seem staged for the cameras but it was a media event, so that’s unsurprising – and a person who can walk being wheeled from one part of the hospital to another is not unusual.

What is notable is the lack of updates on her condition. It’s been almost a week. (You try to find an update on her.) We are being told to encourage our most vulnerable loved ones to take an experimental rushed vaccine for a virus that has never been isolated (even journals pushing the official narrative admit it to be full of holes) based on a controversial but lucrative medical theory that some hold that Pasteur relinquished on his deathbed.

Added to the medical harm are the legal consequences for any individual or corporation that encourages anyone else to take the risk of this new and untested pharmaceutical product. The drug companies have liability: you don’t. Encouraging others for whom you have Duty of Care to take the vaccine may mean that you become liable for its adverse effects.

If you do care, send an email to your local care home, along these lines:


I am a [local resident/ relative of one of your present or former residents] and I value your provision of elderly care in our community.

I’m not sure if you are aware that the pharmaceutical companies who manufacture and distribute the new experimental vaccines for Covid-19 have managed to obtain indemnity from legal proceedings against them in the case of adverse effects of these products. This means that relative of elderly people and staff who experience such effects, after being encouraged to take these new vaccines, may have no recourse other than to take legal action against those who encouraged this.

Even if Public Liability Insurance were to cover this (which is disputable and insurance companies are known to be very reluctant to pay out compensation) it would still be very bad press for your company as well as causing your insurance premium to shoot up.

I am very concerned that, with the best intentions, your company may also suffer financially and in reputation due to running this unnecessary risk.

I urge you to discuss this situation carefully with your management team and to be very wary indeed of anyone (media, drug company reps, politicians, etc.) who asks you to put yourself into a position of being responsible for the consequences of these new untested drugs – while themselves declining to take such responsibility.

Regards, [your full name and address]”    

Then write to your MP.

Thanks to George Hodan for releasing his image Plastic Syringe into the Public Domain.