Suspended from Twitter

This evening I discovered I’ve been suspended from Twitter for posting the tweet below:

“These are distractions:

  • Cummins vs Hancock
  • Mr & Mrs Gates
  • variants
  • R number
  • restrictions/ mask mandate change
  • US vs China origin
  • spike protein shedding?

These are not:

  • vaccine injury & death
  • vaccine coercion
  • famine
  • QR code data harvesting
  • 5G/IoT/IoB
  • 4IR”

I’ve appealed.

“A. Provide impartial (non-Pharma funded) evidence that the content of this tweet is:

1) “misleading”
2) “harmful”

B. My father fought this fascism in WW2.”

They’re not going to let me back on unless I take it down.

I’m not taking it down.

If the appeal (to reason) doesn’t work (it won’t because the decision is irrational) I’ll continue fighting technocratic fascism on WordPress – until and unless I’m kicked off – and in person.

I’m opening up my comments on here. I’ve been on Twitter for 7 years and currently have 1,340 followers, despite the sneaky culls everytime I take a break for a few months. It’s been great fun and I’ve learned loads. Now it’s time to restart doing activism in person.

See you at a demo sometime. I’m the bald guy with the man bag and the cute dog. Come up and say hello!

Alan xx


This morning they backed down and lifted the suspension! This is what I’ve learned:

– I need to restart meetings up with activists in person

– That sense of freedom I experienced means I should spend less time online

– There are real people I connect with online who support me but I can only connect with them in times like this when I have another way to contact them


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