A Woman’s Place is in the Wrong

You may have noticed, if you’re female, that most men are unwilling to do their own emotional work. (If you’re male, you probably don’t know what that term means. Don’t worry, this post isn’t about you.)

The myth of male autonomy is like a buttercup. Just when you think it’s finally been uprooted, it springs up somewhere else. Remember the New Man? He sprung up right around the time of the Wonder Woman. The only wonder was that she put up with him, congratulating himself on drying the dishes, crying, and even occasionally changing a nappy! Meanwhile she did the school run, ran a business, cooked and cleaned (the house, herself and the kids) and ironed his shirts. Progress. Ain’t it wonderful?

Men tend to get very affronted when it is suggested that: A) there’s any emotional work for them to do; B) they’re expecting someone else to do it for them.

I say “men” and I know you’re already qualifying that, as I did for years, but I was wrong and so are you. It’s not a class thing, it’s not a race thing, it’s not about sexuality (don’t get me started on “gender”) it’s a sex thing and it’s just men.

The problem is that men don’t do their own and women do everyone else’s. So if (for example) their son comes out as gay, they worry they’re too domineering. Then they worry about worrying about that as it shows they’re not supportive. Then they worry about being too interfering. Then about being too distant. Finally they worry about worrying as all the books say you shouldn’t. They worry they may not have got the right books. According to Hermione Granger, women have the capacity to feel all of the above simultaneously. Being a woman is (I believe) exhausting.

“Autonomous” and “autistic” share the same Greek root αυτό (self) and the overlap of ASD and masculinity is well publicised as a failure of mentalisation and multi-tasking. The corollary, the overlap of femininity and the psychotic spectrum, is far less recognised. Perhaps because criticising the female tendency to over-mentalise and failure to mono-task wouldn’t go down well in any branch of the men-are-shit-but-we-love-them self help industry.

I’m getting to the point. Patience!

I’ve been trying to understand why it is that the overwhelming majority of bright, energetic, (otherwise) well-informed and extremely organised women, even and especially those politically left wing, have fallen so completely for pandemic propaganda. The pharmaceutical industry = the patriarchy. Apart from the arms trade, there’s just no clearer example. So why are all these women so bloody gung ho about scrupulously following its orders?

Because a woman’s place is in the wrong. If he beats her up, it’s her fault for provoking him. If he rapes her, ditto. If he’s an alcoholic, yes, she drove him to the drink. If the kids fail in school, guess who’s to blame: mum! The daughter gets pregnant, the son gets into drugs. It’s all her fault because it’s all her responsibility. Why? Because her partner (why does no one apart from gays have husbands anymore?) is too busy waxing the car to listen to her going on about all that. Men find it a challenge to consider that fixing anyone else’s life problem might be their responsibility; women find it a challenge to consider that anyone else’s life problem might be none of their business.

Therefore, if a deadly plague (according to the BBC and Nicola Sturgeon) is unleashed on planet Earth, a woman has no energy to waste in idle speculation about the same propaganda being recycled from H1N1 aka Swine Flu or about government advisors being major shareholders in the companies they manage to exempt from liability, etc. No. This is her responsibility, because everything is, and it’s her fault if everyone doesn’t ensure their own and everyone else’s safety.

So she springs into action and sews up 100 triple-ply masks on the old Singer sewing machine in the garage, out of recycled tee-shirts and knicker elastic. She bleaches the house from cellar to loft and volunteers to scrub the church/ school/ pavement/ passers by and makes sure that every member of her extended family (including all her friends and followers on social media) have downloaded Track N’ Trace and are getting tested twice weekly. When the “vaccine” comes out, she’s torn between getting it first to be a good example and thus protecting everyone she knows from said deadly plague (even though the manufacturers explicitly say it doesn’t confer any protection) and standing back so the more vulnerable can get it first.

A woman literally has no time, and even less patience, for any lazy male friend or relative (or any traitorous female) who suggests that this story isn’t true as the evidence doesn’t add up, or that government ministers and big pharma/ data executives are doing what they’re doing (or at least what they’re saying) for any but the best of reasons.

Activists (usually clicktivists nowadays) are rather unkindly calling those who have not woken up to the agenda of the 4th Industrial Revolution “sheeple”, referring to the bleating unreflective docility of the sheep in Animal Farm. But there is another animal who is just as uncritical of the new regime: the horse whose motto “I will work harder!” is his inspiration right up to the day when the pigs sell his broken-down body to the knackers to be rendered into glue.

And women have been working very hard indeed. Overwhelmingly female, the caring, sharing and communications industries have been flooding the airwaves with their goodwill since the beginning of the Oriental Year of the Rat. Putting panicked patients on mechanical ventilators (with 90% rate of failure, i.e. death), sedating the frail, confused, malnourished and isolated elderly with morphine (deadly), emotionally blackmailing everyone with breathing difficulties into wearing masks (which breed bacteria and nebulise virons), decimating the economy with the fallout from lockdown and the pingdemic — it’s all mostly thanks to the best efforts of women.

Meanwhile men, also piling on the weight ordering takeaway starch and sugar at home, have been doing their bit. Domestic violence is soaring and (for those who choose to turn their anger inwards) so is suicide.

What’s the takeaway? Am I actually blaming women for all the medical and socio-economic destruction wrought by this viral panic? No. The title and my tone is ironic. It’s very clear who is to blame for the present devastation. Cui bono? Just follow the money. Those elite few who have made much more and gained even more power are the fat cats behind this game.

My message is simple. Female social conditioning is being used, successfully, against women. Unsuspecting handmaidens of the patriarchy, by serving big pharma and big data so dutifully, when they eventually wake up to how privileged men like Gates & Schwab have used them, there’s going to be Hell to pay.

The question is: will women wake up now, when this eugenicist agenda can still be stopped, or will they wait till it’s too late?

Grandma doll

Thanks to Ekaterina Sysoeva for releasing her image Doll into the Public Domain.