What’s Wrong with the Resistance?

I’ve just left a chat group on Telegram because I couldn’t stand it any longer. Like many, I don’t have much free time — and an unrelenting flood of repetitious, unevidenced, incoherent and hysterical posts about “the Cabal” does nothing to inform and persuade people to resist the developing technocracy and everything to reassure them that its resisters are all crazy.

Left-leaning friends (current and former) may be relieved to hear this. Typically unable to distinguish between pointing out the historical roots of Big Pharma in poison gas manufacturers, such as I.G. Farben, and denial of the Shoah, they’re unable to reason clearly because they confuse categories.

For example: if I say it’s a Tuesday and the calendar says it’s a Tuesday and Adolf Hilter says it’s Dienstag, does that make me (or the calendar) a Nazi?

A real example: Alison McDowell, excellent on the links and repercussions of the 4th Industrial Revolution, blocked me on Twitter when I pointed out her (obvious) ignorance of the Catholic Church. Among other instances was her oohing and ahhhing over a post about “Masonic crosses” which even the original poster eventually conceded were simply a variety of crosses illustrated in a Masonic book. (Still not got it? The category “Masonic” applied to the book, it could not be assumed to apply to every illustration of traditional Christianity referenced in those pages. Especially as Masonry isn’t Christian.)

In fairness, Alison is quite candid about the fact that she couldn’t tell a Maltese Cross from The Maltese Falcon. She just didn’t like me pointing it out. I point things out. It’s why I lose friends. And save lives. Also, her Da Vinci Code style amateur exploits in the wonderland of Roman Catholicism (as I say, she’s amazing on Geo-Political Economics) are small potatoes compared to the Frito-Lay-factory-short-of-a-fish-supper crazy going on online right now about “the Cabal”.

Let me try to summarise (no, I haven’t read it up in depth and I don’t intend to):

The Cabal is a sinister leftist right wing communist elitist Black Jewish Catholic Alien reptilian, em, cabal, of gay trans paedophile vampire vegans funded, em, by themselves, who came from Outer Space to this Flat Earth and tried to convince us it was spherical by founding The Catholic Church and Black Judaism to really worship Satan, who is, em, them, by means of The Pyramids, The Eiffel Tower and Big Ben. Oh, and, y’know, religion, Netflix, NASA, and stuff. Antarctica is a Circular Ice Wall beyond which (it is known because no-one can get there) there is All Sorts of Alien Tech. Like they can blow this shit right up! They govern us by means of Mind Control and drink kids’ blood. The Moon Landings were faked cos there’s no Outer Space. We’re not gonna believe what those Aliens say!

Source? All over the Internet. Apparent source? Every Tom, Dick and Harriet with a 2-dimensional account with 15 identical followers that opened sometime in 2020/21. And all those influenced by them, including some vulnerable people with shaky mental health.

There are also celebrity influencers and though David Icke of course springs to mind, he appears to be speaking (of the struggle between the limbic and mammalian brains and the frontal cortex) metaphorically and may be simply a rather dramatic New Ager who believes in Universal Consciousness and Higher Things. He also, very clearly and very sanely, preaches specific resistance to the ongoing violations of human rights and civil liberties.

My concern is both with the ones who don’t (such as trust-the-plan Simon Parkes) and the ones who urge people to take part in illegal actions that are as unlikely to succeed as they are likely to alienate the general public.

Because it is no secret (they state it openly) that intelligence services are targeting resistance groups in person and online. What better way to derail the train bound for freedom than to send its drivers conflicting signals, place as many obstacles on the track as possible and, easiest of all, convince the passengers not to get onboard but to stay, patiently, listening for further announcements in the waiting room…in the deferential and ever-deferred hope of a celebrity saviour.

If religious education were actually taught in schools and church history in universities (based on historical fact rather than endless emoting and opining over present-day imaginary identities) then more people might know that the blood-drinking hypothesis was a 1st C. Roman imperial slur against the newly-formed Christian community and one that was diverted from their spiritual descendants to be used against Jews in most centuries since, including this one.

I do not deny the depravity of some human beings but the lesson of the Holocaust is not that Germans are especially sadistic but that good people can be gradually coerced into evil fairly easily, until it becomes banal.

That’s what we need to resist. Anti-Semitism, recklessness, agents provocateurs, clashes of celebrity egos, ignorance and stupidity will only get in the way of the diffusion of sane, sympathetic, balanced and well-researched investigations such as that of Cory Morningstar on The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg. (Cory doesn’t deny the ecological problems of the planet but simply shows how big businesses is exploiting them, and young activists, in order to open new markets.) Or basically anything written by the amazing, and always responsible independent journalist Whitney Webb. (Whitney is always careful to state exactly what she can evidence and her analysis of political blackmail and international information technology is based on painstaking research.)

For resistance to be effective, the messages broadcast need to be sane, focussed and supportive of human rights and civil liberties. That means the administrator “owners” of groups and channels need to reduce repetition, weed out the crazies and ban prejudice. Otherwise all they will do is encourage either inaction or unsympathetic and possibly life-threatening confrontation with the authorities and the general public. What we need to be doing is appealing to hearts and minds. Warmly and wisely.

Thanks to Circe Denyer for releasing her image Halloween Whispering Clowns into the Public Domain.


The Good Life

Gardening, when you’re an fulltime unpaid carer with other paid work (3 PT jobs in my case), isn’t just a hobby, it’s much-needed therapy. When you’ve read the script of the current global technofascist takeover, so you’re not continually surprised at the plot of this panto, it’s also a survival skill. (Remember, in the fairly near future, if you found that funny.)

Last post (apart from the one on the strawberries) was in April. Since then, the red onions and garlic shot up and got ate up, and in the big green box (one of the raised beds) there was an unplanned crop, planted I think by my dog Ben, as the burrs stuck to his fur: cleavers, as they’re known in England; sticky willies, here in Scotland. In soups and stews they taste like fairly tough broccoli stems (very green) but, even if strained out at the end, they’re apparently excellent for lymphatic drainage. Not something to be sniffed at, in these days of food and pharmaceutical toxins!

In the same place, I finally worked out what the mystery plants were. About 50 sturdy seedlings with red stems and single serrated green leaves, I felt they looked familiar and guessed everything from beetroot to brambles. Wrong! They’re wee apple trees! A couple of rowans got in there too (planted by the birds, maybe from our trees out front, whereas the apple pips were in the compost). Well, they say in life you should write a book, plant a tree and have a baby, so two out of three so far (or rather 15 and 50) ain’t bad!

The chives delivered, like last year, and some potatoes (planted and unplanted) are growing well but the lettuce and carrots failed to sprout at all and the pak choi either got eaten up by the birds or bolted. Our avian friends also put paid to my hopes for the runner beans and sunflowers, transplanted en masse from the greenhouse. I’d hoped the abundant spread of buttercups (pretty but annoying) would shelter them but instead I think they just crowded them out of the soil.

However a big surprise are the pumpkin plants taking over the greenhouse with one fruit currently the size of a baby’s head! With the stems both running along the soil and raised up to run along shelves (to keep the fruit from hungry slugs) I’m not sure if we’re going to eat pumpkin pie come Hallowe’en – or if this triffid is going to eat us!

As for flowers, a lovely calendula is nodding gracefully over the potatoes and basil, one lupin is delighting the bees, nasturtiums are everywhere (including intwined with a bramble and in salads) and the gladioli have finally decided to shoot up, but so far no flowers.

I took advice and took the pots of geranium and begonia out of the greenhouse so, apart from the triffid, the only other flowers in there are the purple and yellow nicotinias (which I’m glad to say have survived their near-death Brexit customs experience and are thriving) and the wee white stars on the chilli pepper.

I also took advice on the roses which were straggling everywhere dangerously and had developed black spot on some leaves. They survived a fairly drastic prune a fortnight ago and seem better for it.

Last but not least, the rhubarb is holding its own (just) and the strawberries did get a bit parched in the heatwave but have bounced back with all the rain. Today, deciding to give the unconvincing strips of carrot seed another go, I made another raised bed, removed sticks and stones, added compost and sand, and broke up all the clumps so we’d have straight carrots not bendy ones! Then I tore up and sowed the strips, like last time, and planted the last of the onions sets around the edge, for good measure. I think they’re supposed to make good companions. Just looked it up. Yes! But compost isn’t recommended. Oh well, let’s see what happens!

(All photos copyright the author, may be reproduced, but not altered, with link to this post.)

Why Female Fascism Succeeds

Right wing American Republicans and Libertarians tend to describe the current global repression of human rights and civil liberties as “communism”. But the Right, as usual, are wrong. Meanwhile the Left, who never get it quite right, point the finger at capitalism or, more specifically “stakeholder capitalism” — supposedly a system where everyone in the economic ecosystem cooperatives. In a capitalist ecosystem. Right.

Wrong. The current repression isn’t either communist or capitalist and if we continue to waste our time playing party politics we’ll miss what The Great Reset is really all about: fascism. With a new, female, face. Which is why it succeeds.

(I’m glad you’re outraged. Keep feeling that.)

Fascism, in Europe, conjures up images of Hilter, Mussolini and Franco but, though the term is a Latin rebranding of an ancient Roman logo, the origin of the concept is classical Greek. Socrates was trying to solve the problem of tragedy: the inevitable conflict of opposing ethical duties (a paraphrase of Prof. Martha Nussbaum whose work I discuss in my doctoral thesis) and his solution was the reduction of messy humanity into tidy, commensurable, units. Plus eugenics.

Classical fascism is characterised by weeding out the weak, uniformity and subservience of the masses, propaganda, groupthink and, running it all from the top, the Übermensch.

The problem with all this is that, despite all the “we didn’t know that was happening” and “we were only following orders”, it’s pretty obvious that a repressive takeover is taking place – and it ain’t pretty. As things start to get really ugly, the resistance (eventually) gets its act together and overthrows the ruling elite. Until next time.

Step in the ladies. The “be kind” face of fascism. The Janus-face that opens doors. Because it convinces hearts and minds; it doesn’t just coerce bodies. It’s not enough to be female (Thatcher, despite occasional tears and prayers, was an old-school fascist of the male variety which is why she had to be made of iron) and men can be female fascists too, as long as they’re pretty and especially if they’re gay or in a bromance (like Trudeau and Macron). So bumbling Boris Johnson, despite relaxing the repression, is now universally hated but Nanny Nicola Sturgeon, despite maintaining it, is universally acclaimed. Almost.

It’s no coincidence that being a strait (we’re not bent, we’re broadminded) White man isn’t a good look for a fascist anymore but those of the female sex, or “gender”, and their obvious allies, are getting the love! Actually I’m probably being unfair to the late Baroness. Yes she instituted a national culture of greed, fear and selfishness, denied the concept of community, dealt a blow to unions of low-paid workers from which they’ve never recovered, persecuted homosexual teachers and orchestrated a colonial war in order to get re-elected…but all that really only established a modern baseline and I must say her dedicated female fascist followers have surpassed her!

Because the Thatcher Revolution didn’t include erasing the identity of women, denying them funded services, including safe space and fair trial, even and especially when traumatised; she attacked homosexuality as immoral and confused it with paedophilia but she didn’t attempt to destroy the former entirely while promoting the latter in its place. She may have cut services for the elderly but she didn’t instigate their systematic killing by opioids and lethal injection while they were corralled, terrified and isolated in care homes under illegal Do Not Resuscitate orders, cut off from the advocacy of their loved ones. Hospitals may have suffered under her regime but she didn’t bribe their staff to use invasive and unnecessary aggressive medical interventions in order to kill off people in their prime who went in with a cough and came out in a coffin.

Finally, despite misquoting the Prayer of St Francis, Baroness Thatcher didn’t pretend to be interested in ecology. She didn’t leverage the appeal of carefully edited footage of a well-intentioned young woman with autism (with very astute and well-connected parents and handlers) in order to forward the disaster capitalist agenda of elite unelected global governance under the guise of greenwashing.

The majority of adults neglecting the elderly and drugging them into submission and death are female. The majority of adults injecting children with experimental drugs are female. The majority of community leaders and teachers encouraging teenagers to risk their lives and fertility for the profits of the Pharmafia are female. The majority of adults killing healthy people in hospital by intubation and unnecessary chemotherapy are female. Even radical feminist women aware of the blatant homophobia and misogyny of most current liberal governments are utterly gung-ho about the Covid Cult and unwilling to emotionally disinvest from their fascist medical and technocratic agenda. Because (unlike us nasty men) they “care”.

Female fascism (of both sexes and a multitude of “genders”) is succeeding in killing by kindness because we are still conditioned by the same kind of thinking that famously led Queen Victoria not to outlaw lesbianism: women don’t do that sort of thing.

They do. They are. They’re meddling with kids. And they’re getting away with it.

When are you going to wake up?

Chic young White woman wears black V-neck top & black hat with lipstick-matching pink band covering eyes in front of black & white vertical stripes.

Thanks to Karen Arnold for releasing her image Woman Hat into the Public Domain.

No Bonking Down Under? “XXXX that!”

Ozzies have never been known to be backward about coming forward and here in the UK we regard our antipodean friends (and relatives) with amused affection.

No more so now when, despite living under tyrannical government for 18 months, the Australian reaction to the Covid bonking ban is evidentially “XXXX that!”

Far from adhering to Government advice to couples sharing a household to stop having sex and instead masturbate, wearing masks, not just at 1.5m distance but online, seriously, Australia is apparently experiencing a baby boom.

Just goes to show that, Mel might not, but these Sheila’s know what they want — and they won’t be satisfied with just another shrimp in the barbie!

What the Australian Government will be satisfied with is anyone’s guess. Horrific scenes of their police violence against civilians for not wearing masks (Ozzie cops don’t have a great reputation for civility) have circulated all over the globe. However, like that of their Kiwi neighbours, led by someone not famous at the moment for her promised “economics of kindness”, the Ozzie Government seems to be just following the orders of representatives of unelected global governance whose goal of depopulation is on public record.

Lovers’ footprints on sand

Thanks to Shagan Garg for releasing the image Lovers Steps into the Public Domain.

Ship shape

I wasn’t looking forward to repairing and repainting my Mirror dinghy, again. My social media handle “gumptionology” comes from Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, and the author, Robert M. Pirsig, got the word “gumption” from an old Scottish relative. It’s a common old word here and means a combination of initiative and know-how, get-up-and-go, va va voom, Kraft. There’s a few translations.

The problem is I really didn’t have any. I’ve been wanting to sail this boat for a few years now. For various reasons, it hasn’t happened. The latest set-back was (probably) some local fishermen deciding to take Harmony out on the canal. They obviously understood boats (she was upturned when I found her, so the rain didn’t get in) but they didn’t understand how heavy old wooden boats are – and how fragile the bow and stern transom and gunwales are – especially when hauled out of the water!

I’ve already blogged about when the bow broke, but this time it wasn’t the bow transom (that’s the bit at the front) but the gunwale (the bit at the front on the top). Added to that, everything has been such a hassle this past year and a half while everyone has been under the spell of the Covid cult. So trying to get a mate to come out and help me shift and repair the boat, or even just go for a row, has been difficult. I have had some help, for which I’m very grateful, however I knew water was probably getting in and I knew I needed to do something about that.

Finally, I got round to it. Pirsig coined the term gumptionology to refer to the art of being and feeling up to a task. He gives some helpful hints. One is coffee and I made sure I had a couple of cups before I left the house. I also freed up the afternoon so I wouldn’t feel time-pressured (that’s another). Then I decided to do one thing at a time.

The first thing was to dry the boat, make sure she stays dry and inspect/ remove any rotten wood. I really wanted to do that, and the repair and the paint job all on the same day as this heatwave is forecast to end in a couple of days. But I decided to focus on the first task and try to do that well.

Pirsig stresses the importance of good mood. As the stinging nettles drive me crazy when I’m working outside on the boat, I decided to take some old-fashioned manual hedge cutters to them before even starting that first task.

I already felt a little better. Being out in the sun and actually dealing with the problem instead of ignoring it helped. However my heart sank when I ran the wire brush over the paintwork and easily peeled off the “bubbled” navy blue paint below and astern of the thwart (seat). Rotten plywood. That had to come off.

Even as I worked, the sun was drying up the damp wood and I realised most of it could be rescued, with either a coat of epoxy glue (as I’d previously done on the hull supports) or with primer, then successive coats of paint. As long as the wood wasn’t rotten and it was dry! I tidied up the paint and wood scraps to transport back home to bin and put the fabric cover back on to let the boat breathe and get even drier.

As my biggest worry was rain (not uncommon in Scotland) the next day I put into action a cunning plan. £25 had bought me an inflatable dinghy and pump that really shouldn’t have been used outside a swimming pool. At the shallow end. Ben my cute terrier and I had paddled it up and down the canal over lockdown a few times (me rowing and him lolling over my legs and being famous on Facebook as every passerby fell in love with his doggie charm). Not unsurprisingly, it had sprung a few leaks and, though I repaired them with StormSure glue & tape, I felt it was safer to use it as an extra cover for Harmony to keep the tarp convex rather than concave and so prevent puddles forming and water ending up inside.

When I got back the next day, knowing I would find a dry boat (which would’ve stayed dry if I’d been more clever about getting the tarp off) made me feel more enthusiastic. I’d need that good mood because today I was going to use epoxy. Another of Pirsig’s hints is cleanliness and good order so first I wiped the whole topsides down, from gunwales to centreboard case, with a dry cloth, which got slightly wetter as I went along. This is a good move for various reasons:

  • dust gets onto paint and in your eyes
  • dirt hides damp and damage
  • beasties get dislodged and don’t get painted!
  • it’s a visual check of the whole boat
  • if paint gets rubbed off just with a cloth, it needs scraped off and repainted

It also gave the exposed wood a bit more time to dry and I could see the underlying layers of plywood were staying in place as they dried.

Next to prepare the gunwales for the epoxy using a file – and also a fern to slip through the crack at the stern and brush out any beasties! I figured I’d get all the filing done before using the glue so the dust wouldn’t stick and the vibrations wouldn’t displace what was supposed to be stuck together!

When you go looking for trouble on a boat you generally find it. I’d seen a very professional repair done on a Mirror that revealed all the original wood and clear varnished the inside and I must admit it was lovely. However I’ve learned that the pragmatic approach works well with boats and I knew that I’d never get her ready for even the autumn if I undertook all that. So I decided I’d only take off what wouldn’t stay on and simply file and sand then epoxy and repaint.

The proper mindset for using epoxy is paranoia. (Imagine the scamdemic were really true and act accordingly.) Basically, if you put enough masks on so you can’t breathe, and wear so much eye protection you can’t see, you’ve got a fighting chance with it. Make sure you do all these things before you open those tins. Because you can’t do any of them afterwards!

  • Pee
  • Drink water
  • Wipe your eyes
  • Blow your nose
  • Take photos
  • Text
  • Switch off alarms
  • Read the instructions!!!!!

Firstly lay everything out on a cloth. Because everything is going to get sticky and you need to know what’s what and where it is. If you’re using 5:1 don’t even bother measuring out 5ml just go for 10:2 because you’ll need it. If the job is smaller than that, you don’t need epoxy, you need chewing gum!

Everything is about time and temperature. READ THE INSTRUCTIONS!!!! Separate the syringes and keep them separate so you know which is which and only put the resin syringe in the resin and the hardener in the hardener. Panic is part of the process (it goes with oxygen deprivation) but the important thing is that when something goes wrong (it will) don’t mess about wondering how to do it perfectly: JUST DO IT!!!!

Working with epoxy is very Zen. If Zen consisted of making a gloopy sticky mess that defies gravity when you want it not to and runs when you’d rather it stuck and sticks the fingers of your gloves together (or your fingers if you’ve been STUPID enough not to wear gloves) and makes you either pass out from lack of air or pass out from toxic fumes!

Panic started when I realise the double pronged tack helpfully holding the bow gunwale apart (so I could gloop the glue in) wasn’t going to go back in place without a fight despite initially shifting slightly. I had minutes (which felt like seconds) to get those pieces of wood clamped together – without a clamp. I did at one point consider just standing there for 8 hours till it cured. (That glue is pretty strong!) Then I sprang into action, doing everything I’ve just warned not to!

I tore off my hat, gloves, masks and breathed in some air! I looked around wildly for a piece of rope then wasted time trying to figure out how to get it off the inflatable (just do it!) then wasted even more trying to move all the epoxy stuff —magnificently now in the way — without touching it. Then more time uselessly trying to keep a rope taut from amidships along the bow gunwales then back to the cleats on the cabin roof. Finally I looped it round the padded block (which the boat should’ve been on) over a cloth to exert pressure on the gunwale and finally to the cleats.

Sticky, sweaty and most probably high (don’t phone anyone at this point, in fact try to avoid human beings and animals and plants and breakable objects entirely) I messed about trying to tidy up the gloops a bit. Mostly in vain. Then a red deer appeared. Well. It was red and it was a deer. A moment of stillness and beauty.

I realised I had done enough for the day. One way or another. I washed my hands in water, wiped them on cloths (fairly ineffectually) and covered up the boat again. For another day of repairing and painting.

Harmony with inflatable atop covered by blue tarp and grey fabric cover with green tarp over front wheel of trailer.

Template email to educational institutions re mask exemption



As all [INSERT NAME OF INSTITUTION] staff should be aware, the present wording of [INSERT NAME OF NOTICE NOT MENTIONING EXEMPTION] is illegal as it is not provided for, by the UK Equality Act 2010, Data Protection Act 2018 or Coronavirus Act 2020. Contravention of either of the first two Acts carries stiff financial (and reputational) penalty and is contrary to a Core Value of this [INSERT TYPE OF INSTITUTION], which is proud to be Positive About Disabled People.

Disabled Access is an Anticipatory Duty so it is not something to be negotiated at a doorway, on a stairwell or in a corridor, nor should anyone be challenged (by any remark or question whatsoever) and coerced into disclosing Sensitive (Health) Data to a non-Competent Authority.

The present illegal wording is setting up a hostile environment for disabled people and those with various health conditions and is therefore harassment (health conditions) and direct discrimination (disability).

This is unacceptable and is very upsetting to students, staff and visitors of this [INSERT TYPE OF INSTITUTION] which has been exemplary in its provision for disabled students. [INSERT EXAMPLE OF THIS INSTITUTION UPHOLDING DISABLED RIGHTS] and I am shocked by this display of thoughtless ableism! Many other institutions, across the private, public and third sectors, have already changed their policy to accord with the law. [INSERT NAME OF INSTITUTION] should adhere to good practice!

  • Please change this wording to accord with the law, which provides for exemption from mask-wearing on both grounds, immediately and issue a general email of apology and correction.
  • Please instruct all students, staff and visitors that they must respect this legal provision and to presume that any person not wearing a mask is exempt.




The Earth, masked

[Please share, adapt and use this email template, including for letters, as an email like this one was sufficient to change the access policy of a prestigious (Russell Group) University in the UK. Legal language, such as “provided for” is very stilted but I find it makes officials sit up and take notice, as does mention of financial and reputational penalty. I find also that it’s best not to rant as a cooler tone gets results however a positive, personal note, linked to the institution, can be effective as then this is not taken as an attack.]

Thanks to Mikhail Denishchenko for releasing his image Corona Virus into the Public Domain.)