No Bonking Down Under? “XXXX that!”

Ozzies have never been known to be backward about coming forward and here in the UK we regard our antipodean friends (and relatives) with amused affection.

No more so now when, despite living under tyrannical government for 18 months, the Australian reaction to the Covid bonking ban is evidentially “XXXX that!”

Far from adhering to Government advice to couples sharing a household to stop having sex and instead masturbate, wearing masks, not just at 1.5m distance but online, seriously, Australia is apparently experiencing a baby boom.

Just goes to show that, Mel might not, but these Sheila’s know what they want — and they won’t be satisfied with just another shrimp in the barbie!

What the Australian Government will be satisfied with is anyone’s guess. Horrific scenes of their police violence against civilians for not wearing masks (Ozzie cops don’t have a great reputation for civility) have circulated all over the globe. However, like that of their Kiwi neighbours, led by someone not famous at the moment for her promised “economics of kindness”, the Ozzie Government seems to be just following the orders of representatives of unelected global governance whose goal of depopulation is on public record.

Lovers’ footprints on sand

Thanks to Shagan Garg for releasing the image Lovers Steps into the Public Domain.