Why Female Fascism Succeeds

Right wing American Republicans and Libertarians tend to describe the current global repression of human rights and civil liberties as “communism”. But the Right, as usual, are wrong. Meanwhile the Left, who never get it quite right, point the finger at capitalism or, more specifically “stakeholder capitalism” — supposedly a system where everyone in the economic ecosystem cooperatives. In a capitalist ecosystem. Right.

Wrong. The current repression isn’t either communist or capitalist and if we continue to waste our time playing party politics we’ll miss what The Great Reset is really all about: fascism. With a new, female, face. Which is why it succeeds.

(I’m glad you’re outraged. Keep feeling that.)

Fascism, in Europe, conjures up images of Hilter, Mussolini and Franco but, though the term is a Latin rebranding of an ancient Roman logo, the origin of the concept is classical Greek. Socrates was trying to solve the problem of tragedy: the inevitable conflict of opposing ethical duties (a paraphrase of Prof. Martha Nussbaum whose work I discuss in my doctoral thesis) and his solution was the reduction of messy humanity into tidy, commensurable, units. Plus eugenics.

Classical fascism is characterised by weeding out the weak, uniformity and subservience of the masses, propaganda, groupthink and, running it all from the top, the Übermensch.

The problem with all this is that, despite all the “we didn’t know that was happening” and “we were only following orders”, it’s pretty obvious that a repressive takeover is taking place – and it ain’t pretty. As things start to get really ugly, the resistance (eventually) gets its act together and overthrows the ruling elite. Until next time.

Step in the ladies. The “be kind” face of fascism. The Janus-face that opens doors. Because it convinces hearts and minds; it doesn’t just coerce bodies. It’s not enough to be female (Thatcher, despite occasional tears and prayers, was an old-school fascist of the male variety which is why she had to be made of iron) and men can be female fascists too, as long as they’re pretty and especially if they’re gay or in a bromance (like Trudeau and Macron). So bumbling Boris Johnson, despite relaxing the repression, is now universally hated but Nanny Nicola Sturgeon, despite maintaining it, is universally acclaimed. Almost.

It’s no coincidence that being a strait (we’re not bent, we’re broadminded) White man isn’t a good look for a fascist anymore but those of the female sex, or “gender”, and their obvious allies, are getting the love! Actually I’m probably being unfair to the late Baroness. Yes she instituted a national culture of greed, fear and selfishness, denied the concept of community, dealt a blow to unions of low-paid workers from which they’ve never recovered, persecuted homosexual teachers and orchestrated a colonial war in order to get re-elected…but all that really only established a modern baseline and I must say her dedicated female fascist followers have surpassed her!

Because the Thatcher Revolution didn’t include erasing the identity of women, denying them funded services, including safe space and fair trial, even and especially when traumatised; she attacked homosexuality as immoral and confused it with paedophilia but she didn’t attempt to destroy the former entirely while promoting the latter in its place. She may have cut services for the elderly but she didn’t instigate their systematic killing by opioids and lethal injection while they were corralled, terrified and isolated in care homes under illegal Do Not Resuscitate orders, cut off from the advocacy of their loved ones. Hospitals may have suffered under her regime but she didn’t bribe their staff to use invasive and unnecessary aggressive medical interventions in order to kill off people in their prime who went in with a cough and came out in a coffin.

Finally, despite misquoting the Prayer of St Francis, Baroness Thatcher didn’t pretend to be interested in ecology. She didn’t leverage the appeal of carefully edited footage of a well-intentioned young woman with autism (with very astute and well-connected parents and handlers) in order to forward the disaster capitalist agenda of elite unelected global governance under the guise of greenwashing.

The majority of adults neglecting the elderly and drugging them into submission and death are female. The majority of adults injecting children with experimental drugs are female. The majority of community leaders and teachers encouraging teenagers to risk their lives and fertility for the profits of the Pharmafia are female. The majority of adults killing healthy people in hospital by intubation and unnecessary chemotherapy are female. Even radical feminist women aware of the blatant homophobia and misogyny of most current liberal governments are utterly gung-ho about the Covid Cult and unwilling to emotionally disinvest from their fascist medical and technocratic agenda. Because (unlike us nasty men) they “care”.

Female fascism (of both sexes and a multitude of “genders”) is succeeding in killing by kindness because we are still conditioned by the same kind of thinking that famously led Queen Victoria not to outlaw lesbianism: women don’t do that sort of thing.

They do. They are. They’re meddling with kids. And they’re getting away with it.

When are you going to wake up?

Chic young White woman wears black V-neck top & black hat with lipstick-matching pink band covering eyes in front of black & white vertical stripes.

Thanks to Karen Arnold for releasing her image Woman Hat into the Public Domain.


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