Why Won’t White Women Wake Up?

Basically because they don’t dare to.

Consider the stick that Prof. Kathleen Stock gets. She’s White, she’s English, she’s middle-aged and middle-class, she has an O.B.E., she is a former vice-president of the British Society of Aesthetics. She’s a tenured professor of Philosophy. Still, some mediocre male Art Hist. lecturer, who seems to have never got over Rome losing the empire, and publishes mostly his musings on Italian feminist Carla Lonzi, feels entitled to get his kicks in, on social media. He got so much kick back he’s locked his account and the American male instigator of the doxxing campaign “Anti TERF Sussex”, who called her “one of this wretched island’s most prominent transphobes, espousing a bastardised variation of radical feminism” (note how both these men think they’re experts on feminism) has been identified and similarly criticised/ hailed according to ideological position under the hashtag #ShameOnSussexUni.

Consider a wee White woman from a post-industrial town in Scotland’s rustbelt, with none of these other advantages, whose court case is both current and infamous. A brave, friendly and intelligent woman I similarly admire and one whom the Scottish legal system has basically dragged through a hedge backwards yet still manages to come out smiling, with a word of compassion for anyone going through a hard time. I won’t detail all the financial, emotional and reputational stress she’s dealing with, because they’re well-known.

White women who haven’t come out against the war on women don’t dare to because they don’t want the harassment that these women go through. Not only from men who, although they may be criticised, may also be violent. Julie Bindel, co-founder of Justice For Women, knows all about the level of violence, and violent threat, that women suffer. Yet she can’t even speak about this without being attacked. White women who are supporting other women are already being attacked on all sides. Including by other women. Of the 6 FT University of Sussex SU Officers, 4 are female (all have bio pronouns) and the SU are at least tacitly supporting the attack on a member of staff.

So what I’m asking is unfair. I know this. I know some of these women and their supporters. Some only through social media, some in person. I admire them greatly. I’m conscious that we don’t agree on everything and we don’t have to. I’m also, always, conscious that I’m male and when it comes to feminism I don’t get it because, not being female, I just can’t.

I’m asking White women who are already persecuted for standing up for women to wake up. Because if they don’t, I don’t think we’re going to stop the current technocratic takeover. Yes, I know that many people apparently saying the same thing are mad (Simon Peaks), bad (Donald Trump) and dangerous to know (Holocaust deniers). Firstly, I’m not saying what they are. Trust-The-Plan Peaks (no, I’m not linking to any of them) preaches passivity, trust in authority and a morally problematic saviour (Trump) and none of that helps. The third category isn’t worth comment. However, Peaks and Trump and their many followers do, confusedly, critique the current repression of civil liberties – conveniently forgetting all sorts of violations of them that Trump is apparently guilty of.

We can’t leave the liberation of the world to such men. It won’t happen. Trump is not only reportedly associated with financial shady dealings but has made many racist remarks. So these men are not listening to black people.

Why aren’t White women? Gender-critical or not, every feminist I know is anti-racist. Black people are being criticised, and patronised (as poor, stupid and too traumatised by history to think clearly) for resisting coercion by the military-medical-industrial complex that has maimed and killed members of their community for decades. Neither poor nor stupid, American Congress candidate Billy Prempeh subtitles his video address to White liberals “From slaves to human guinea pigs…” and explains: “Why the dark history of Black America justifies our vaccine hesitancy.”

White women need to realise that their relative power and moral authority is enabling rich White men to take over the world and shut down all forms of resistance. Female fascism succeeds in Scotland, New Zealand and in New South Wales just as much as in Germany and for the same reasons: it’s abusive. In contrast, callous clowns like Bojo (who just buried his mother after she died “suddenly”, no doubt after a Covid vaccination) may be admired by their braying supporters but get no sympathy. Female fascist leadership is more insidious, leveraging “caring” in order to strip citizens of our rights.

Another reason why White women don’t want to wake up is because they’re tired. Not as tired as Black women but still exhausted by the constant attacks from men and from their handmaids. The resistance to The Great Reset is multifarious and confusing. It can be difficult to differentiate, at first glance, the brusque dismissal of ecological concern by an elite White male American capitalist who has no problem with making money from fossil fuels (and reducing indigenous territory to tar sands) and the careful and sympathetic analysis of The Manufacturing of Greta Thunberg by Canadian journalist Cory Morningstar, who is quite aware, from her own experience, of the vulnerability of young women.

As for Covid, this last and most successful attempt to further the agenda of a global social credit surveillance state benefiting only the elite, it is precisely women’s community leadership which has been co-opted for that cause. It is precisely why a search for “Black vaccine hesitancy” shows, overwhelmingly, images of Black women – and articles that fail to take their concerns seriously.

Men failing to listen to women is sexist. White people failing to listen to Black people is racist.

Billy Prempeh is a Black man with good reason to be wide awake. Whitney Webb is a White woman who understands Black “hesitancy” and doesn’t patronise them for it but, instead, bravely and responsibly publicises the wider context of the elite technocratic agenda.

In order for most of us to survive, in any condition but that of slaves, White women need to wake up. Now.

Woman’s eyes

Thanks to Karen Arnold for releasing her image Eyes of Woman into the Public Domain.


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