Pumpkin Soup! 🎃

If you’re a reader of this blog, you’ll know that (surprisingly) pumpkin triffids have been taking over my greenhouse and happily cohabiting with nasturtiums and nicotianas. Two pumpkins developed (I was watching the male and female flowers eagerly as there’s a window of only a few hours for the bees 🐝 to get busy with them) and today I took the biggest one in, for Hallowe’en! 👻 I think I’ll leave the other one for Christmas.

Male yellow pumpkin flower
Closing female pumpkin flower with seed pod bulge
Holding the pumpkin in my hand
Small pumpkin growing on the vine

My two objectives were to make pumpkin soup and a lantern. First step was cutting it in two, about 1/3 of the way from the top.

Pumpkin cut in two on a wooden table

Now comes the scraping. I cut around the seeds and spoon them out first, chopping and squeezing the pulp to extract them. Some to eat (cos they’re great for the digestive tract apparently for humans and dogs too!) and some to keep to sow next year. I spread them out on kitchen paper, push more on top, turn it over and do that a couple of times till they start falling out cos they’re dry! Then I wrap them up in a clean sheet, put a plastic band round the wee packet and date it.

Pumpkin seeds drying on kitchen paper
Package of pumpkin seeds on table

Frequent readers—and anyone who doesn’t confine their news input to Big Pharma funded mainstream media and their antisocial media shills—will know that we’re in the middle of a global technofascist takeover and that food and seed shortages are a major weapon in the disaster capitalist armoury. If you haven’t been paying attention, you probably have just decided that I’m a “conspiracy theorist”. Bless.

Then comes the fun of carving the evil Hallowe’en face! If you’re a young thing born in the UK this century who goes about saying “Trick or Treat!” as if you’re an American, you may not know that tomorrow is All Saints Day, so tonight is the Eve of All Hallows: Hallowe’en. (Yes, that is where JKR got it from.) So the old idea was that evil things pranced about before they all got chased off by all the sanctity tomorrow. The even older idea, at least in Celtic countries, is that on Samhain, the night of this old Quarter Day (that marks the triumph of the Dark until Beltane or May Day) the veil between the worlds is thin.

Carved pumpkin with electric light inside, on table

In some Latin countries the Day of the Dead/ El Día de los Muertos/ O Dia dos Mortos combines all of these ideas. Anyway, now for the soup! Basically I just chopped up all the pulp and blended it with spinach and cherry tomatoes, then added a home-grown chilli pepper, onions and a slice of ginger, a touch of turmeric and a twist of black pepper.

Added together it’s turned a nice light green. Hopefully it tastes better than it looks!


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