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In one of the final scenes from The Devil Wears Prada, Miranda, the cold and brilliant editor of a top fashion magazine confesses being touched by the efforts of her PA, Andy, to warn her of a plot to oust her but says that no-one can do what she does, “especially because of the List” … of those key players in the business loyal to her.

In Act IV Scene 1 of Julius Caesar, the triumvirate of conspirators also refer to a list but, conversely, of the disloyal (to the Senate and the People of Rome, by supporting the despotic Emperor) and Octavius, having gained the assent of Lepidus to include his own brother, tells Antony to “prick him down”.

Whether utilised to record bosom friends or backstabbers in industry, politics or any other sphere of human activity, lists are useful mnemonic aids as they can detail people and events now to be referred to later.

A growing number of us are awake to the long-planned global attempt at tyranny and, thankfully, this number tends to be undiminished by the deadly effects of the means of this technocratic takeover. Indeed those who either survive or witness such adverse reactions, while the social pariah “plague-spreaders” continue in good health, can only conclude that they’ve been lied to—and that someone should be held accountable.

Prick them down. Start The List. Each of us should carry a little notebook (it needn’t be black) with a little pencil to go with it. The pencil, as Dr Robert M. Pirsig puts it (Lila, Ch.17), is mightier than the pen precisely because it’s provisional: its mark can be erased.

The provision (of not being added to The List) is simple, it’s a negative answer to the key question:

Do you take responsibility for what you have just said? If so, I’ll need your full name.

These words, accompanied by the action of pencil poised over notebook may have a magical effect on whoever next attempts to bar you from accessing any goods, services or space which you are legally entitled to buy, sell, maintain, administer or enter.

Having the simultaneous power of record and erasure provides you with the possibility of negotiation.

Said human obstacles to the legal exercise of your will need not be threatened (with Nuremberg 2 or the wrath of the mob) but simply reminded that, if they will not take responsibility for such impediment, then their name will be not be recorded as doing so.

Therefore, as impediments for which no-one takes specific responsibility cannot be imposed, you are free to go about your business undeterred.

Try it—and tell me all about it on Twitter or Telegram @gumptionology.

Pencil and lined notebook

Thanks to Marina Shemesh who has released her image Pencil and Notebook into the Public Domain.


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