Open Letter to Scottish Independence Parties – Guest Post

Despite being a life-long believer in Scottish Independence I find myself unable to vote for any of the independence-supporting parties standing in my ward: the SNP, the Greens and Alba, due to their “looking the other way” in terms of the moral bankruptcy of Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca.

For over two years I have been aware of Pfizer’s illegal human trials that they carried out on 200 children in Keno, Nigeria in 1996 and the disgusting way they conducted themselves in the resulting court hearings, after things went disastrously wrong. Then there is Astra-Zeneca’s defrauding of Medicaid, and similar government assisted health care organisations in America, which also landed them in court. These events were widely reported at the time so all the party leaders must have been aware of the bad reputation of these multi-nationals. My sources were: Herald Scotland, The Guardian, The New York Times and the US Department of State. Incredibly Pfizer and Astra-Zeneca have been granted indemnity – which means they are not legally responsible for their actions!

There may well have been a panic among political and medical leaders about how to effectively deal with Covid. However throwing principal to the winds in order to get “results” is not acceptable. At the moment my only option is to write a political message on my ballot paper thus “spoiling” my vote. Where I live in Glasgow there are no small parties standing.

Saltire flag: White St Andrews cross on blue background

Thanks to Icon0 for releasing their image Flag of Scotland into the Public Domain.