Watt Goes Up Mast Come Down!

(If you’re pushed for time, you can just skip to the foot of the page and send the email to your MP or councillors.)

If a huge 5G mast has been set up very near your house, place of work, place of worship, leisure centre, kid’s school or playground, then you may have valid concerns about 5 things:

  • Cancer
  • Highway safety
  • Ecological impact
  • House prices plummeting
  • Children’s growth and fertility

Yes, you may be tempted to dismiss all of these as “conspiracy theory” and try to ignore your niggling worries but local councils (and parish councils) all over the UK have been forced, legally, to consider such risks and many have found them unacceptable – and have removed the 5G masts already up and halted future installations.

What can you do?

  • Understand your legal rights as:
  1. a local resident – Freedom from Public Nuisance (electromagnetic pollution, unsightly structures) etc.
  2. a UK citizen – Equal rights under the Equality Act (2010) etc.
  3. a human being – Freedom of Expression, etc.

Some of these rights are “provided for” (given back to you) in law and some are already yours because they cannot be taken away (“inalienable rights”).

  • Ask your MP (by email or letter or in person) to “invoke the precautionary principle”.

Tonia Antoniazzi MP, Labour, Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland, explained in the House of Commons what this means for many people, in the long-term, HERE and described what some people with sensitivity to electromagnetic fields may suffer as soon as such masts go up:

Symptoms include headaches, fatigue, disturbed sleep, tingling, pains in limbs, head or face, stabbing pains, brain fog and impaired cognitive function, dizziness, tinnitus, nosebleeds and palpitations.

Electromagnetic Fields: Health Effects, Backbench Business, 25th June 2019

Carol Monaghan MP, Shadow SNP Spokesperson (Armed Forces and Veterans), supported this principle:

It is true that we are talking about lower frequencies than the ionising radiation that would be beyond the visible spectrum. However, it is not true to say that all low frequencies are not harmful. Looking at microwave radiation, for example, if we get a high enough intensity of non-ionising radiation we can still cause harm. I would not want to be in a microwave oven and I am sure the Minister would not either. So it is not just about frequency; it is about the intensity of the radiation.

Electromagnetic Fields: Health Effects, Backbench Business, 25th June 2019

David Drew (then Labour/ Co-operative MP for Stroud and Shadow Minister for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) spoke out for people suffering from EMS, mentioning scientific evidence:

I have met people who are incredibly affected by electromagnetic sensitivity—to the extent that, when they moved into their house, they had to have the smart meter taken out, and even asked their neighbour to take out theirs. Once that happened, their health dramatically improved. People say that electromagnetic sensitivity is all psychosomatic, but I have seen the evidence of people’s sensitivity to electromagnetic waves. If we ignore it, there will certainly be health and biological consequences, and there may be many more problems.

It is only fair to ask the Government to at least respond to the growing evidence from the International Electromagnetic Field Scientist Appeal, PHIRE— the Physicians’ Health Initiative for Radiation and Environment—and other reputed scientists in the field, as well as from communities. Brussels has now stopped the roll-out, and so have a number of cities in California. There is growing concern, and it needs to be recognised and answered.

Electromagnetic Fields: Health Effects, Backbench Business, 25th June 2019

Geraint Davies MP, Labour (Swansea West) commented on commercial interests behind the rollout of 5G in the same debate.

  • Here is a draft email that you can adapt, to send to your MP. You can find who that is, and how to contact him or her, HERE. You can also send this to your local councillors. You can find who they are, and how to contact them, HERE. In the email below, I have bracketed all the words that you need to change (unless you’re in my area objecting to the same masts – in which case you can just remove the brackets and send it as it is).

Dear [Stuart C. McDonald, MP],

I am [one of your constituents] and I am concerned about the health risks and impact on property prices caused by the erection of a huge 5G mast [a few feet from the children’s swingpark facing Merkland School, shops and residential housing, in Harestains, Kirkintilloch].

In view of the concerns raised on EM radiation, human health and the environment by [your colleagues] in Westminister Hall (Electromagentic Fields: Health Effects, Backbench Business, 4.35pm, 25th June 2019) I ask you to invoke the Precautionary Principle on this and all such unsightly and dangerous masts planned or already erected in this [constituency] and to cause a Cease and Desist notice to be served to all contractors involved in setting them up.

As [your colleague] Tonia Antoniazzi MP, Shadow Minister for Northern Ireland, explained in the same debate, her concerns finding cross-party support, a safer solution to connectivity is fibre broadband.

On a personal note, as [a carer for an elderly family member who has survived cancer] I find the failure of Duty of Care to the most vulnerable members of our community (children, expectant mothers and the elderly) in [East Dunbartonshire Council] not applying this Principle to be unacceptable.

I look forward to your reply and to swift action. The level of expressed concern in the local community, in person and online, is extremely high.


If you’re sending this to councillors, you can replace these brackets as follows:

  • [Stuart C. McDonald, MP] – [NAME(S) OF YOUR COUNCILLOR(S)]
  • [one of your constituents] – a local resident
  • [a few feet from the children’s swingpark facing Merkland School, shops and residential housing, in Harestains, Kirkintilloch] – [LOCATION OF MAIN MAST YOU’RE OBJECTING TO]
  • [your colleagues] – Members of Parliament
  • [constituency] – local council area
  • [your colleague] – the Hon. [or just leave blank]
  • [a carer for an elderly family member who has survived cancer] – a concerned citizen [or another caring or concerned identity, like “a mother of three small children”]
  • [East Dunbartonshire Council] – [NAME OF YOUR LOCAL AUTHORITY]
Busy highway in USA with telegraph wires and huge 5G tower beside restaurant and gas station

Thanks to Hana Chramostova who has released her image 5G Tower into the Public Domain.