God’s Green Earth

The potatoes I dug up for dinner last night aren’t perfect. They range in size from huge to tiny, a couple got a bit green and one or two had beasties inside them, happily munching. But they’re all homegrown, organic and—when washed in rainwater, peeled (their occupied territory consigned to the compost heap along with the occupants) and boiled—they were the fluffiest tatties I’ve ever tasted. Mum loved them.

The wee ones I wrapped in brown paper and dated—to plant next spring. This lot, as is traditional, I’d planted on Good Friday but some sprung up from tiny tubers I’d missed in the soil the year before. So it goes to show that what matters isn’t size: it’s potential.

As we face a winter of artificially inflated cost-of-living (which, as a friend in the Scots Libertarian party points out, is actually cost-of-government) we may feel demoralised by the scale of the gargantuan forces oppressing us. Yes, they are individually and collectively powerful—but we are many and they are few.

Many of us in the Freedom Alliance party have been warning of the current crisis for years. I started posting about it in March 2020, because my previous research into the lies of Big Pharma and its censorship of experts had already opened my eyes.

Gardening is a major strategy of defence in the resistance movement: we don’t need their frankenfoods if we’re growing our own. It’s also incredibly good for your physical and mental health. Out in the fresh air, maybe chatting across the fence to neighbours, getting some natural light (maybe even some sunlight where the chemtrails are less frequent) so our skin manufacturers vitamin D. Just touching soil calms us. We’re literally grounded. Watching the busy bees and beautiful butterflies as we work reminds us that there’s another order, natural, ancient, harmonious, productive and yes truly “sustainable”—rather than this poisonous bureaucracy of surveillance and anxiety.

So grow your own! It’s worth it—and it might just save your life and your sanity!

Black plastic tray on long green grass with about 20 potatoes ranging in size & colour—2 with small holes.

Kirky Players Singathon!

(Appeal from our organiser)


I’m reaching out to you today to see if you are able to help a great wee Club that I’m a member of, the Kirkintilloch Players.

Lockdown had a massive impact on all amateur drama clubs and we were no different. We lost our regular income for the best part of two years and, lucky as we are to own our own theatre, this incurs substantial monthly and yearly costs and, in addition, we had massive repairs to undertake over the lockdown period. This has left our bank balance a little sparse!

As we approach our centenary, we are determined to continue staging the very best of amateur theatre for you, our audiences! To this end, on Saturday September 10th the Turret theatre will be filled with singing for 12 hours! No mean feat! We’d love you to sponsor us or join us!

Entry is £5 on the door and you can stay as long as you like—you can even join in! We hope to go live on Facebook throughout the day and if you are unable to join us in person, we’d be incredibly grateful for your sponsorship. (9am—9pm)

We know these are tough times for everyone but every little bit will really help. Thank you all for your continuing support of our wee club. 🎭 🎶 ♥️

Scottish Community Drama Association SCDA Glasgow District SCDA Western Division

You can donate at https://www.justgiving.com/kirkintillochplayers

(I’m taking part! 😱)

Kirky Players production of Murder on the Nile