A House Divided: Voting for the Unaparty USA

As I begin this blog, the Democrats have 48 and the Republicans—recorded as the “GOP” (Grand Old Party)—49 but, with 2 independent senators in New England who mostly vote with the former, even if the latter gain Georgia, the carrying vote of the Vice President means that, for all intents and purposes, the Dems will control the Senate of the United States of America.

When I started writing, the Republicans had 212 of the available 435 seats in the House of Representatives, now I see it’s 214, while the Democrats have 203 (which may or may not have been 202 a moment before). The magic number here is 218. Oh, the Dems have just gone up one seat. The states who are yet to declare are mostly Maine, Colorado and California.

I don’t understand why they can’t just count all the Midterm votes instead of relying on the press to “call” the election. I don’t understand why California, home of Silicon Valley, has taken a week already and still isn’t ready whereas—right across the country—Florida did all 3 races basically overnight. I don’t understand why some margins are so small yet get confidently called while others are huge and don’t. But I’m a Brit (temporarily, it’s only been 300 years, nothing in Europe and we are taking steps to alter that situation) so my confusion is unsurprising.

As for the Governors, it’s 25 (really 26, as one or other of the Alaskan Republican candidates must win) to the GOP with the Dems getting 24. However, to my knowledge, there’s no political assembly for them—they may all get together for strawberries and cream somewhere central, like Kansas perhaps, I have no idea.

(It’s still 214 / 204 in the House for GOP / DEM and there are no seats held by other parties or independents.)

I must admit I’ve been doing this all week, clicking back and forth on the “2022 US elections” screen on my phone with data supplied by the Associated Press (the Dems just got another in the House—can they make up the necessary 13 before the GOP gets 4 more?) and it’s addictive. I’ve even found myself delving into the data to see the percentages and trying to predict which way the two party pendulum will swing next. I feel I’m participating in democracy yet I didn’t even vote as I don’t live on that side of the pond.

I don’t really know why I’m doing this. I don’t actually believe it makes a difference. I’ve just read Whitney Webb’s wonderful exposé of the complex webs of bipartisan, international political corruption, One Nation Under Blackmail: The Sordid Union Between Intelligence and Crime that Gave Rise to Jeffrey Epstein, and here’s my 5 star review. I seriously think I’m in love with this woman—I mean an author who averages around 150 endnotes each chapter deserves at least the warm affection of any serious academic.

(I just flicked back again. No change.)

What Whitney meticulously evidences is that there’s no difference between the crimes committed by the folks in office in terms of the colour of their jerseys. Red (Republican) or Blue (Democrat)—very confusing associations for us over here—they’re all merrily making money and quite a lot of them, quite a lot of the time, are not doing that honestly.

John H. Utz of Greenville, SC (which I presume is South Carolina) has a wake up call:

It is about time that “you’all” start to realize that WashingtonDC and all parts federal government are one big ‘Unaparty’! It is all Deep State! Oh, they kinda sound like there are two parties up there; President Trump claims to be fighting the Swamp; but really, just about all his advisors are part of the Swamp, the Deep State, advising him to ‘talk about bringing the troops back home (while he just moves them around a bit!)’. Also, the government is still operating on the Continuing Resolution charade, which continues the huge waste of billions (really trillions) for the military and particularly the middle east quagmire; meanwhile, the Dems (the so-called anti-war party who wants to run the only democrat Rep. who opposes the unconstitutional wars, out of the party (!)) get their bloated billions (totaling trillions) for the totally wasteful and unconstitutional welfare.

Letters to the Editor—The Times Examiner, 20th January 2020

That’s headed “The Unaparty, War, Welfare and Debt” and he goes on to say:

Waste, waste, waste, it just continues each and every year, and the debt piles up, basically a trillion in new debt each year! And nobody, I mean nobody (the GOP, the Dems, President Trump) wants to talk about the debt. When is American going to wake up???

I get the impression that I might disagree with John H. Utz of Greenville, SC, on some points political and moral but, I must say, that’s a great question. The debt and the Unaparty are not being talked about at all.

Maybe it’s time we stopped being distracted.

Dirty US flag in sunlight and shadow

Thanks to George Hodan for releasing his image Grunge American Flag into the Public Domain.