Letter template to MP re. Drug Company Indemnity etc.

Dear [NAME OF MP],

Drug and data companies are clever. They spend an unusually large proportion of their budget pushing their products, and profits, using sophisticated strategies such as participative marketing (typically where hot young men and women, often paid actors, appear to voluntarily enthuse about their wares).

These companies have no other values than the bottom line yet are aware that values push products and drug companies specialise in appeals to altruism and emotional blackmail. Because they sell drugs.

Right now, while we hear of poor White students paid to volunteer to be experimented on, and don’t hear about the thousands of Black and Brown people abroad who suffered multiple harms from such experimental vaccines, drug barons have successfully lobbied the U.K. Government to rig a leading and misleading “consultation” regarding their legal indemnity to prosecution when such harms become widespread here, caused by the “Covid-19” injection – which mutates human DNA using nanotechnology controlled by data companies with a publicly stated agenda of global depopulation (as even this US government-funded ‘charity’ fails to hide).

Meanwhile, even supposedly clued-up institutions such as [CHECK YOUR LOCAL UNIVERSITY/ COLLEGE/ LIBRARY WEBSITE TO SEE IF THEY MENTION EXEMPTIONS TO MASK-WEARING] contravene provisions of the Equality Act 2010, Data Protection Act 2018 and Coronavirus Act 2020, by mandating mask-wearing without mention of legal exemption, thus setting up a hostile environment for people with health conditions and failing to provide access to the disabled.

  • Oppose these changes to advertising and indemnity
  • Oppose appropriation of the human person by the state (including opt-out replacing opt-in for organ donation)
  • Oppose curfews, lockdowns, shutdowns and any measures, such as obligatory or mandatory vaccination/ “immunity” passports/ mask-wearing/ sensitive data-sharing, which exacerbate the physical and psychological harms already prevalent in your constituency (suicides, unemployment, depression, death due to cancelled appointments, death due to fear of seeing a doctor, death due to fear stoked by relentless media fear-mongering, agoraphobia, economic ruin, career sabotage, mental illness, domestic violence, xenophobia)
  • Oppose censorship of medical experts who question the official version of the Covid-19 narrative in terms of symptomology or epidemiology

Someone as intelligent and informed as you cannot be ignorant of the agenda of The Great Reset/ 4th Industrial Revolution – set up by stakeholder capitalists (such as the World Economic Forum, World Bank, Microsoft, Gates Foundation, etc.) in a publicly-available videoed series of biological threat preparedness tabletop roleplays since 2001 (Dark Winter/ Atlantic Storm/ Crimson Contagion/ Event 201, etc.) – so there is no excuse to be taken off guard by what is coming.

Our citizen rights are being stripped. Our communities are being destroyed. Our most vulnerable are either suffering or dead.

What are you doing?

Apart from standing by, clapping, while drug and data companies increase their profits and continue to insist on you covering your mouth with a mask – and your eyes with wool.



Thanks to George Hodan for releasing his image Plastic Syringe into the Public Domain.


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