Sex and the Shutdown

The shutdown is hitting people in prostitution, all over the globe, hard. From Bangkok to Berlin, from Ozzyland to Pommieland – and even in freewheeling Nevada – brothels are in lockdown and their employees are being forced to rebrand online, to try for unemployment benefit (those that have citizenship) or to risk working on the (empty) streets. I’m not taking sides in the sex worker versus prostitute debate but, whereas some people may feel empowered in the oldest profession, it’s clear that it’s easier for most men to buy the myth of Belle de Jour, the ‘happy hooker’, as they buy their services. However BBC News reports:

‘According to the English Collective of Prostitutes, many sex workers are single mothers already made poorer by austerity measures – and the coronavirus is now exacerbating their situation.’

And Down Under, it’s the same situation:

‘Dr Alice Orchiston is a lecturer at the University of NSW and an expert in sex industry law who says many sex workers are employed under a precarious status, meaning they can often be left without any safety net.

“Many sex workers have no savings or superannuation to draw upon in a crisis like this,” she says, adding many are treated as contractors by employers despite fitting the criteria of full-time permanent employees.

“As a result, these workers are often underpaid, do not receive superannuation, and don’t receive anything from their employer if they are stood down [or] dismissed,” she says.’

Meanwhile, what about the famous line in Woody Allen’s Shadows and Fog, when he says, “I’ve never paid for sex in my life” and Mia Farrow, as Lady of the Night, replies, laughing: “Oh, you just think you haven’t.”

I mean, how many women are being either forced or forcibly persuaded to have sex with a man they’re in lockdown with, who may be her partner or simply a housemate? With women often in more precarious financial circumstances than men, relative powerlessness is not just physical.

On a lighter note, there are all the ‘bi-curious’ brojob stories online of young men making do with their male housemates – even if only one of them (or none of them) are actually gay. And even if none of the titillating tales online are actually true, well, it must be happening somewhere!

Another repercussion of this viral madness is that a certain solitary pleasure is not only becoming more social but also more socially acceptable – and even considered civic-minded.

I wonder though. What we do with our own and other consenting adult bodies was the root of many passionately fought campaigns, especially during the second half of the last century – and some of those fights continue in some countries today.

How is it that, all of a sudden, all of us have given up those rights?

Today I heard of two elderly couples, peacefully sitting yards apart on separate benches in sunny woodland in rural Central Scotland, miles from the nearest hamlet, being (gently) harassed by police.

They should have been at home, watching TV or online, like everyone else.

I know we think we’ve given up our right to choose what we do and who we do it with because of scientific advice.

Bless you if you believe that. It’s what the TV tells us, it’s what the politicians tell us, it’s what the grey men with their grey voices tell us – and it’s what everyone online tells us.

But it’s not true. Everything (including the shutdown, school closures, masks and ventilators) was prepared earlier and not by medical research scientists:

20th-22nd June 2001, three months before the attack on the Twin Towers, four months before the Anthrax attacks, there was a tabletop event of US Government intelligence and security, in collaboration with free market economics experts, pharmaceutical interests and philanthropic tech sponsors. Dark Winter roleplayed the fallout from a Smallpox biochemical terrorist attack on the USA. Who was blamed? Oil-rich Iraq and Afghanistan.

14th January 2005 and 15th May 2018 saw similar high-level events roleplaying Smallpox attacks in Europe and North America (Atlantic Storm) and viral flu attacks in Germany and Venezuela (Clade X). Who was to be invaded? Oil-rich Syria and Iraq, from Jordan.

January-August 2019 had the 4 similar events of Crimson Contagion on a viral respiratory disease pandemic. Originating in China. The report was leaked in October 2019.

18th October 2019 had a similar roleplay, a coronavirus outbreak originating in bats, Event 201, which recommended “public-private  cooperation for pandemic preparedness and response”. In other words, money, money, money for testing, vaccines and biodata surveillance. Something the Gates Foundation (who sponsored this event and participated in others) has been pushing for years.

Meanwhile, there’s the United Nations:

UN SDG 16.9 aim: “By 2030, provide legal identity for all, including birth registration”

And, lo and behold:

ID 2020 is a “market-based” alliance pushing for universal digital ID.

Big Pharma, hand-in-hand with Governments, supposed NGOs and other multinational corporations, is heavily involved in all of the above.

All of it aims at the production of digital biodata. That’s where, way beyond ‘vaccination passports’, the Bluetooth ‘virus tracking apps’ are heading.

And if you think it stops there, think again. The blockchain digital dollar based on Project Libra is already being set up.

Putting all this together, the take home is simple:

Our bodies are being controlled and commodified to be bought and sold and held under surveillance on the free market. And we are clapping and cheering with our eyes wide shut.

Open your eyes to what’s really going on. Check out the content of Spiro Skouras and Whitney Webb who are making all these links (including the present US take-over of oil-rich Venezuela) before it gets taken down.

Not the Church, not the State, Big Pharma will decide your fate. Unless you wake up and do something about it. Start by sharing this and other critical responses – and discuss them with your friends and family. Above all, question authority – and THINK!


Thanks to Paul Brennan for releasing his image “Coronavirus Symbol Sign” into the Public Domain.


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